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Friday, September 14, 2007

yep...some more...

some things about the pics: a few of the marathon....the pretty absurd medal ceremonies and all....and a few of the great flood of 2007 we had a 'tropical depression' in the midst of all the hurricane madness, so for a day or so, EVERYTHING in belize was under water. people were saying they hadn't seen it that bad in 10 years. thankfully (as in most cases) we were fine; it was our neighbors who bore the brunt of it. one of these pics shows how people were getting around town...on inflatable rafts (and canoes and the like....) also, the bridge that goes over the drainage ditch outside our house (that we like to call the moat) washed away down our we either had to swing on our gate across the moat (see picture) or just go right through...which is what i ended up doing and had water up to my mid thigh...not so fun.

the ones in the next post are silly ones of us in community night and one of the sunrise over the water last saturday morning.


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