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Wednesday, August 22, 2007



i wish i could label these, but i'll try to describe them so you can tell which one is which.

the first three are in st. martin's at our commissioning mass. the group of 4 is the PG group. Susannah, fino, sarah, and bobby. (fino and sarah--2nd years; suzy and bobby--first years).

the next picture is the Belize City community--trey, monica, me, kate, molly, meghan.

the nicely dressed group of 5 are all the first years.

the three of us on the bed are the three 2nd year girls in belize city--myself, monica, and kate. we were on retreat at banana bank.

the two at the end with only 5 people in them are the 2nd years. one is at our house the night before the newbies arrive and one is waiting at the airport for the newbies to come through customs. the picture where we are all standing goes as follows: monica, fino, kate, sarah, me.

hope this helps for some mental pictures of my new (and old) roommates!


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