Belize Adventures

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

mold mold mold it's been raining NONSTOP in belize city for quite some time now. darn global warming. seriously---i had been looking forward to these 'cold fronts' i kept hearing about. that sounded amazing. instead, we're getting 'wet fronts' (ugh) and everyone says this is so unusual. we're past hurricane season; we're supposed to be cold, not wet and miserable. again, ugh.

i don't mind the rain---in fact, i kind of like it. it reminds me of seattle and portland. sigh.

what i do mind, though, is MOLD. it's humid even when it rains. it's humid when it stops raining for an hour. it's humid ALL the time. with all the additional moisture in the air, NOTHING is drying. i get it damp sheets every night. i put on damp clothes. the smells in my house are mmmm, how shall i put it, quite mildew-y. it's awesome. my clothes are all molding. that's right friends---my clothes are currently growing mold and show no signs of stopping. fantastic. i don't have enough clothes here for them to all mold! it's terrible (and pretty gross!). so--my plea to you all who have time and energy to look on the internet--can you help me find ways to get mold out of my clothes!?!? remember, i hand wash all my clothes, so i don't have the use of a washing machine or anything.....thanks in advance!

on a positive note---i had the most fantastic visit with my friends kathy and bill. kathy was my spiritual director in seattle for the past three years and she and her husband came down to check on sites for seattle university's immersion trips (don't get ideas....i still can't have visitors for a year). it was amazing to see them, share with them, play cards with them, and talk with them. i did the first touristy things i've done since getting here---we went to a mayan ruin, went tubing down the mopan and spend the night at a lodge. i think i maybe gained 8 pounds in the last 5 days because we ate so well!!! (no pb and bananas for a whole 5 days! well, maybe just a few) they led spirituality night for us last sunday which was very special. it was just great to have them here and have them get to meet my community and understand my life a bit better. ALSO---they took a bunch of pictures and are going to post them on kodak share site or something (i'm so behind the times with that stuff) so you all can see some photos finally!!! gosh, i really can't express how great it was to have them here. sigh. they left today and my roommates said that i'm going to go into post bill and kathy depression! sad!

i hope you all are well and loving this advent. it is really fun to be preparing for Christmas in a very simple and intentional way.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

seriously folks...

does anyone actually read this? honestly. i have been waiting and waiting for people to post comments to let me know that i'm not just writing these blogs and sending them out into space.....i even gave you all a topic (what would you have done with my bicycle thief!)....and still nothing. sigh.

if you find yourself able, post a comment and let me know how you're doing. as much as you want to know how i'm doing, that's how much i also want to know what's new with you!