Belize Adventures

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the election

well, we just (feb 7th) had the elections in belize to determine who would be the prime minister and who would be all of the area representatives.

i'm happy to go further into belizean politics and the election process if anyone specifically asks, but for this short post, i'll just stick to the main stuff.

there are two primary parties:
PUP -- people's united party (blue) -- been in power for the last 10 years
UDP -- united democratic party (red)

the political signs on the roads have been phenomenal. a few of my favorites that i've passed on the my around the city this past month:


and then in retaliation to that sign, a next one was put up a few days later)

FI U, FI ME, FI ALL AH WI (udp's slogan; there was even a catchy jingle that went along with this!)

(the 'him' they're referring to is Said Musa, the prime minister with the PUP party)

GODFREY, FI ALL AH WI (this one is only good because it's accompanied by a huge, and i mean huge, picture of godfrey with a REALLY old lady and it looks like he's helping her cross the street or something. it's so ridiculous that it's awesome!)

BELIEVE IN BELIZE (pup's slogan)

well, after lots of signs and songs and rallys and all, belize has a new prime minister and a new ruling party.

Dean Barrow of the UDP was sworn in yesterday.

this is my take on it all--the last prime minister 'redirected' a lot of money (in belize, they say he teefed it) and did lots of nothing while promising lots of everything. no, wait, at the end, there were roads pushed and loads of fill delivered, but that was only to get people to vote for him. SO, this new prime minister---well, if he doesn't do a darn thing and if he steals a lot of money, then, so be it. that's what has been happening for the last 10 years so everyone is pretty much used to it and the country runs as it does with all that going on. BUT, if he manages do to something, anything, well then---PROGRESS! great! so, i'd say his chances are pretty good for a high approval rating (ha, like that even have that here) just by doing ONE thing!

pray for dean barrow and pray for belize!